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Ali Detailing Mobile Valeting is here to make your life easier. 

we come straight to you to give the love of your life the proper pampering it deserves. whether its a mini valet, deep clean, regular maintenance clean or a full on detail with ceramic coating we have the solution for you.

get in touch today to arrange your car spa

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Our Services


The Mini Valet - High pressure air blowout, quick vacuum, pre-wash snow foam, hand wash window and dash wipe, fresh scent, tyre shine from £40

The Maintenance Clean - for regular customers who had the deep clean. High pressure air blowout, vacuum, all leathers and plastics wiped down and cleaned, steering & dash clean, windows cleaned. wheel & arch wash, pre wash, snow foam & 2 bucket safe hand wash with Korean microfibre, rinsed off with pure water and then ceramic foam for quick beads effect. towel dry or air dried tyre gel & fresh scent. from £100

The Deep Clean - As above with steam clean, floor mats washed, carpet & seals extraction & roof lining clean, engine bay clean from £200. plus dog hair, mould & oil stain, seats out, wheels off as optional extras

The Detail - as per exterior clean, chemical decontamination of tar & iron fall out, clay mit, followed by machine polish. The level of paint correction to brining back the shine, removal of swirl marks and / or  other defects is your choice. Ceramic Coating for that ultimate finish from £400


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